Transformations – ACI

ACI Roofing Transformation

ACI Roofing transforms a roof from 60 year old flat design to a steel structure pitched roof. By retrofitting the existing structure, ACI eliminates the need for any demolition while maintaining the existing building. These series of photos show the construction process from the original flat roof, base structure, roof panels and reinforcing to the finished product.

Step 1: Flat Roof

The original flat roof construction.

Step 2: Framing

“C” and “Z” frames are installed over the existing roof to provide a rigid steel frame for sheeting. Installing the framing at increasing heights toward the roof ridge creates a slope that aids in weathertightness.

Step 3: Anchoring Panels

Roof panels are anchored with clips to the framing. For general applications, the floating clip allows for expansion and contraction of the roofing system.  The larger “hurricane” clip allows panels to float, but attaches to a larger surface area of the panel for stability in high wind locations.

Step 4: “X” Banding

The framing is reinforced with “x” band bracing for support and to prevent torquing of the roof.

Step 5: Finished Roof

The finished retrofit metal roofing system adds years to your existing facility and provides an attractive, contemporary, and professional look. In addition, ACI offers weathertightness warranties to ensure confidence in your new roofing system.

  • C Frame

  • Z Frame

  • Clips

  • Clip Teeth